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Learn Indian Rhythm

Nam Dhi Academy of Indian Percussion

The mridangam is a harmonic, barrel-shaped drum and one of the percussive instruments in Carnatic or South Indian art music. Konnakol is a dual-purposed language (teaching and performance) through which rhythmic ideas are communicated in Carnatic music. Learn mridangam, konnakol as well as rhythm appreciation online through active as well as passive methods depending on what the student is looking for. Our teaching pedagogy is formalized with the vision of the legendary percussionist: Guru Sri. T.H. Subash Chandran.   We offer:

  1. Live, interactive and structured, online training by leading artists in both the mridangam and konnakol (Book session below).

  2. Online course modules to learn at your own pace with monthly live Q&A's streams to answer all your questions along the journey (Coming Soon).     

  3. Topic-specific online workshops meeting performing artists, learning about their journeys as well as mini-performances. RSVP below or get in touch to be notified about our next workshop. 

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Konnakol Course Modules

Learn Konnakol at your own pace through specially designed video courses

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