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Designer Mridangam Covers (Glabe)

Designer Mridangam Covers (Glabe)

Desinger mridangam covers with unique styles that fit either 22 inch or 24 inch size mridangam. Choose your type of design and get a sesonal trend that is available (you will receive your own unique style cover). We will select the design based on your specifications. Send us a note if you have futher specificaions but the designer customizations include the following (see the images for the different designer options):


  • Printed with plain border
  • Printed with printed border
  • Plain with printed border
  • Plain cover
  • Plain with plain border
  • Does not include:

    • Does not inlude the mridangams
    • Each image is just to showcase the type of cover (you will NOT receive the same design as it depends on the seasonal trend of cloth available). 
PriceFrom $29.99
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