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Concert Grade Nut-Bolt Mridangam

Concert Grade Nut-Bolt Mridangam

Concert grade wooden-shell mridangam with heads fastened using the metal "nut & bolt" system (instead of nylon ropes holding the heads together). This method keeps both heads independent and allows more flexibility in tuning range for an instrument. While the traditional "rope" mridangam can be tuned up or down one semi-tone (i.e from D# to E or D# to D), the nut-bolt mridangam allows for tuning by at-least one full tone (i.e. from D to C and D to E). The care taken from conditioning the wooden shells until the final professional fine-tuning are all part of why we pride our instrument quality to be the best. The instrument is customized with authentic workmanship and customizable to any pitches ranging from C-A (Note: Only 24in products can be tuned between C-E & 22in products can be tuned between F#-A). 

  • Included with the purchase

    • Snug-fit semi-waterproof zippered mridangam bags 
    • Cloth-bag - a secondary bag in which the mridangam is wrapped in
  • Not Included

    • Designer mridangam covers are not included and must be purchased seperately
    • Mridangam foam is not included. Note: foam has to be added to the order, if a designer cover is to be included for nut-bolt mridangams. 
    • Any stands have to be purchased seperately
    • Tuning kits are not included 
    • Any additional items in the product images aside from the mridangam is not included.
PriceFrom $450.00
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